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- Place and role of information professionals in major French companies < Table of content >

2010 issue
* Publication:          November 2010
* Price (pdf):           300 €
b. tax (VAT 19,6% for France-based organisations/individuals)
* Price (hardcopy): 350 € b. tax (VAT 19,6% for France-based organisations/individuals)

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After the 1995 and 2001 issues, Histen Riller has achieved a new survey which aim is to understand and grasp the many aspects of information professions.
It also suggest answers to the fundamental question - how do companies fulfil their information needs.
Although the survey reveals the situation in France, it can be easily extrapolated on a more general scale, as all companies of the surveyed panel are multinational companies.


* state of the art – status in the company of the tasks related to information professionals -> types of organisations, size, missions, products & services, staff training and qualifications;

* role of information professionals in the corporate information monitoring and competitive intelligence processes;

* role of information professionals in the implementation of information and communication technologies (ICT) within companies: knowledge management, Internet technologies (intranet & Internet);

* impact of ICT implementation on tasks carried out by information professionals; more specifically, what changes are introduced by the social web (web 2.0) on these tasks, on their users, and on the relationships between information professionals and their users;

* how the current economic crisis affects these tasks and professions, and what lessons can be learned;

* prospects: challenges, threats and opportunities.

The sample of the survey is composed of the two hundred largest French companies.
As in the previous version, the study incorporates lessons learned from recent studies on related topics.